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Nagamori Collection Gallery

Nidec Park (1-1 Higashinokuchi, Morimoto-cho, Muko-shi, Kyoto-fu 617-0003)

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For Guests Traveling by Train or Bus


JR Kyoto Line

  • 10 min. walk from Mukomachi Station on the JR Kyoto Line.

Hankyu Railway

  • 15 min. walk from Higashimuko Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.

Kyoto City Bus

  • 10 min. walk from the Kuzetonoshirocho bus stop on the 13, Special 13, 78, South 1, Special South 1 Line buses.
  • 10 min. walk from the Kokudo Higashitsuchi bus stop on the Special 13, South 1 line buses.
  • Reservations are required to use the gallery’s parking lot.
    Those who wish to visit the gallery by car: Please inform us that you will be visiting by car when making a reservation for the gallery.
    Those who wish to visit the gallery by bus (for a field trip, etc.): Please contact us about the availability of the parking lot at least a week in advance of your visit.
    There is no exclusive bicycle parking lot.