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  • FAQs


About Visiting the Gallery

When is the gallery open?

Please check the Gallery Schedule for more information.You can view the Gallery Schedule here.

How can I make a reservation?

Please use the reservation form.You can access the reservation from here.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Cancellations can be made up to the day before your visit by e-mail.You can e-mail us from here.

What should I do if I’m late for my reservation?

Please contact us by telephone first.

Can I bring my pet to the gallery?

Please note that pets are not allowed inside the building.

Am I allowed to bring my guide dog with me to the gallery?

Guide dogs, including seeing-eye dogs, service dogs, and hearing-assistance dogs, are allowed in the gallery.
Please present your certificate during your visit.
Additionally, assistance dogs must wear a harness (with a body ring) or a body suit with a certification number displayed on it.

About Gallery Facilities

What facilities are available at the gallery?

The following facilities are available:

Visitors may borrow wheelchairs at the gallery.Please contact a staff member for assistance.
*Visitors are welcome to visit the gallery in their own wheelchair.

We have separate restrooms available for men and women, as well as a multipurpose restroom.
*Please note that the multipurpose restrooms are not ostomate-compatible.

Please leave your luggage in the free lockers on the 1st floor.
If your large luggage does not fit in the lockers, it will be stored in the lobby on the 2nd floor.

-Umbrella Stand
Please leave umbrellas in the umbrella stand located at the entrance on the first floor.
In order to protect the exhibits, visitors are not allowed to bring umbrellas into the gallery.

Do you have any vending machines?

No, there are no vending machines in the gallery.You are welcome to bring a water bottle, plastic bottle, or any other beverage with a lid.

Is eating allowed in the gallery?

Please refrain from eating and drinking in the exhibition rooms.
If you wish to have a drink, please use the benches in the 2nd floor lobby area.(View the gallery map here.)

Do you have gifts or souvenirs for sale?

The gallery does not have a gallery shop.

About the Exhibits

Are visitors allowed to take pictures (photos, videos) inside the gallery?

Photography (photos and videos) is allowed in the gallery.
Details will be provided during the gallery guided tour.

Can visitors take notes while in the exhibition rooms?

In order to protect the exhibits, only pencils are allowed in the gallery.
Please refrain from using ballpoint pens, magic markers, fountain pens, or any other writing instruments besides pencils in the gallery.

Are audio recordings allowed in the gallery?

Audio recording is not allowed.