Tones that resonate
in your heart.

This website plays background music on some pages.
Please enjoy the angelic sounds of the music box.

Tones that resonate
in your heart.

In February 2016, the Nagamori Culture Foundation was founded to showcase
the historical and social values of music box culture and related technologies.

Cultivating the “sensitivity” to be able to feel music boxes’ “delicate,” “gentle,” and “warm” sounds is
essential in enriching the minds of people and realizing a wealthy society.
The music box, comprising a drive to rotate its body, a diaphragm and a housing to play music,
and a gear-based automation section, is full of the essence of product making.

The Nagamori Collection Gallery will be serve to educate generations of people,
ranging from children to adults, and provide entertainment for all visitors.

Nagamori Cultural Foundation

President, Shigenobu Nagamori


You may be wondering what is on display at the Nagamori Collection Gallery? This gallery exhibits music boxes, automata dolls, player pianos, and other automatons.
Visitors can experience the enchanting movement of puppets and the delightful music box melodies in both the exhibition rooms and viewing lounge.

The Nagamori Collection Gallery stores and exhibits a captivating display of music boxes, automata dolls, and a document collection related to automata.
Use this page to browse through a portion of our collection via photos and videos.